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 WST is a liar :P

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PostSubject: WST is a liar :P   Fri Dec 27, 2013 6:41 am

I wanted to spam half hate how i give a fuck how he blocked me and how i wanted to slam something into the ground and how i dreamed i had a susanoo and went to his house to scare him with a hate thing and yadi yadi yada when he deleted me from skype(for being friendly btw(and hes gonna come up with some excuse if you ask him -.-) -.-) and how i give a fuck bout everyone who just blocks/removes someone and yet again i still have everyone who blocked me in my contact list(i blame thoose people for me feeling alone)

lol i already spammed it tho my normal half-hate would include some pics of how much i give a fuck now and how much i dont need anyone of u lol

From this point is expressed the actual point of this thread  lol! :

i randomly re-read ur status on skype it says you will always be there to help, smyle even in your darkest times that u will be here forever and always

well its a lie because in your darkest times you blocked me for being friendly (forever and always    )

p.s it makes me sad that i remembered to go on extreme just to spam half-hate to WST so everyone can see, i guess you could also say that i care about people blocking me and it makes me sad so conclusion:
this half-hate isnt just the revenge, gives a fuck thing anyone else who would bother to spam would do it acutally originates from me caring about people and wanting to be their friend and that i dont give a fuck bout everything and that i care eather way i never blocked someone cuz i think its too cold-blooded and to see people cold-bloodedly block me, sort of happy to never see me again, hear from me it just doesent feel right and i dont do it to other people
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WST is a liar :P
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