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 Surviving the log in death glitch

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PostSubject: Surviving the log in death glitch   Fri Aug 17, 2012 8:37 pm

Till pub or mojang have come up with a fix for this glitch I've found a way to survive it and let you guys know how to do it. I've currently found it works most of the time so long as I put in "/warp spawn" fast enough (good idea to copy and paste it to ensure that its quickly put in).

1. Log in
2. Type "/warp spawn" very quickly after you typed in "login <name>"
3. Wait for a good 30 seconds - 1 minute for the login lag to subside
4. Go ahead and tp wherever after that ;D

It seems to me that we die because the chunks aren't loading fast enough, therefore I figured that since the spawn chunk is already loaded once we log in, we should just tp there and wait for the login lag to disappear.

I've also found that whenever you tp in anyway (dying also counts as tping) you will get about 30 seconds lag, its best to wait that lag out and type "test" into the chat so that you know when the lag has subsided.

By the way, do NOT tp during the 30 second lag, chances are is that it'll kill you, just a warning Razz

hopefully this little guide or whatever you wanna call it has helped a little with dealing with the lag ;D


When you eat food in minecraft make sure to eat it standing still after 5 seconds and eat it while standing still otherwise it won't register, dunno why thats the way it but yeah. Razz

changed to announcement ~pub

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PostSubject: Re: Surviving the log in death glitch   Fri Aug 17, 2012 8:44 pm

cbf reading looks true though Very Happy
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Surviving the log in death glitch
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